A weed free, beautiful lawn can make your home more inviting. We offer a seven step program to help achieve this feeling. Each application includes spot spraying for weeds. Our seven application program will be applied in approximately 4-6 week intervals. These

applications are as follows:

(Early Spring) – Crabgrass pre-emergent to prevent annual grassy weeds and a slow-release fertilizer to spoon feed your lawn. Broadleaf weed control as needed.

(Late Spring) – A second application of pre-emergent to cover a broad window of crabgrass germination. Slow release fertilizers to jump start the lawns growth and deepen the turf color and density. A blanket weed control is also applied at this time.

(Early Summer) – A balanced granular fertilizer plus annual grass and broadleaf weed control as needed.

(Late Summer) – Broadleaf and annual grassy weed control for those pesky summer weeds and grasses. (Nut sedge included) Summer lawn inspection for disease problems and suggestions for fall aeration and over seeding.

(Early Fall) – A balanced slow release granular fertilizer to assist the lawn in bouncing back from the stress of the summer. Broadleaf weed control as needed.

(Late Fall) – A premium granular fertilizer to maintain a deep fall color and continue to improve turf density. Broadleaf weed control as needed.

(Winterization) – A high nitrogen dormant feed fertilizer to stimulate deep root growth over the winter months. This application also provides long term results by providing an early spring green.